Should You Record Your Golf Swing

Every golfer, including myself, wants to improve. Regardless of how good I could actually become, which is sure to be well below that of a professional golfer, I know I can get better. As a result of this, I have always questioned my swing and how I practice.

Finding The Time To Improve My Golf Game

Time is always an issue for me. With work and family commitments, I do not get to the practice range often enough and have not been able to develop my game as I would like. Then I thought about ways I could improve my golf swing away from the practice range, and that led to me looking at technology.

Technology, in general, has developed remarkably over the last decade. As things have progressed so quickly, the price of technological equipment has dropped, and this has made it accessible to most people.

Golf is no exception, and there have been many fantastic technological advancements. One of which involves video. You may have seen golf swing analyzers at your local golf club, and they can set you back a lot of money. However, I discovered an alternative which I could set up at home for much cheaper.


I realized I did not need to but a fancy video camera to record my golf swing. Of course I would love to just go and buy the best golf launch monitor and attach it to my phone, but I was looking for an easier and cheaper option. All I had to do was set up my mobile phone or tablet, so it was stable. Ensuring the device captured my entire swing, I took a few practice swings in the house and then moved into the garden, where I could use a practice net to actually hit some balls.

Simply hitting a few golf balls in the yard and seeing my swing on video, it alerted me to some basic mistakes I was making. I was not completing my follow-through, and I was lifting my head very early. I could see this happening again and again on the video. All I did was set up my smartphone in a direct line behind my swing.

If I had gone to the driving range as normal and hit a few balls and come home, I would not have noticed the two mistakes I was making.

Having been recording my swing for a week, I then noticed a cool feature on my mobile phone, slow motion. This took my filming sessions to a whole new level as now I could watch them back in slow motion and pick out the finer details.

Slow-Motion Video Also Helps With Your Putting Stroke

Slow-motion filming also works well when Practice putting. It shows if I have the ball positioned incorrectly or if my swing is too inside or outside. There are also apps which are available to download on all mobile devices which analyze my swing for me. Many of these are free of charge, which is great.

Using a swing analyzer app has allowed me to set up a personalized training system for my swing, and it has been fantastic.

Using video to improve my golf swing has worked wonders, and some of the top benefits include:
• Easy to Spot Basic Errors
• Can Record Footage at Home
• Free Apps to Analyze Swing
• Cheap and Easy to Set Up
• Works for All Clubs Including the Putter

Obviously there are a number of golf training aids that can improve your golf swing, and a golf lesson with a local pro may solve many of your issues. Before you go down this route, take a look at your golf swing on video, you may pick up some of your swing flaws pretty quickly.