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Hybrid vs 7 Wood

Hybrid vs 7 Wood - Sandy River Golf Course

The 7 wood and the hybrid golf clubs are among the most popular clubs for golfers. If you are trying to decide between 7 wood vs. hybrid, you have come to the right place. We will break down the performance of the clubs according to their distance, forgiving nature, and control to compare the 7 wood against the hybrid.

So, what is the difference between a 7 wood and a hybrid club? Below is a guide on everything you need to know about the hybrid and 7 wood clubs. Check them out below.

7 Wood

The 7 wood is made of fairway woods with about 22 degrees of loft. However, depending on the model and manufacturer of the club, the 7 wood can have less or more loft. Golfers love the 7 wood because of its high launch, ample forgiveness, and a very large sweet spot.

Initially, golfers found it challenging to find a club that could bridge the gap between the fairway woods and the irons, which necessitated the making of the 7-wood club. The 7 wood has a shorter shaft, making it easy for the average golfer to control and manage.

Hybrid vs 7 Wood - Sandy River Golf Course


The hybrid is considered a game changer by players that found it challenging to get trajectory and distance. The hybrid golf club replaced most of the long irons in golf because they come in a variety of lofts, have a low center of gravity, and make it easy to interact with the turf.

As a result, most golf players prefer to replace their iron club sets with hybrid golf clubs.

Difference Between The 7 Wood And The Hybrid Golf Clubs

Here are some of the main differences between the 7 wood and hybrid golf clubs.


7 Wood



The 7 wood launches further than the hybrid because it has a lower loft angle and a lower spin, which causes the shot to have a more penetrative ball flight. 

The hybrid golf club covers a lower distance because it has a higher spin and loft angle, which causes the ball flight to be less penetrative against the friction in the air


Although the 7 wood is also considered forgiving, it is not favorable to players with slow swing speed compared to the hybrid.

The hybrid golf club is considered a more forgiving golf club for golf players with slow swing speed as well as those struggling with most of their iron shots. The hybrid can also be used from a tight fairway lie or a fairway bunker for incredible performance.


The 7-wood golf club is not as effective in control as the hybrid because it is more challenging to hit the ball close to the pin with the 7-wood club.

The hybrid golf club offers more control in ball direction and flight because it performs more like an iron instead of a lofted fairway wood. Players that have both slow or fast swinging speeds can depend on the hybrid because it allows them to hit the ball closer to the pin and plan out their shots.

So, which is the best golf club between the two? The experts at AEC Info asked the question on the golf review website; Is it worth having both the 7 wood and the hybrid golf clubs? Keep reading to find out.

Should You Buy Both The 7 Wood And The Hybrid?

If you are an avid lover of golf, you have probably come across debates about which golf club is better than the other. However, are there circumstances that would require you to have both the hybrid and 7 wood golf clubs?

Although the 7 wood and the hybrid have differences in performance, they may have the same loft most of the time, which is not always a great thing. Therefore, here are several things you need to keep in mind in case you have both the hybrid and 7 wood clubs in your bag during golf:

Have A Look At The Loft

When carrying the two golf clubs, ensure that you inspect the loft to ensure they are not of the same size. The variety of fairway woods and hybrids in your bag should provide you with a wide loft range to play different versions of golf shots. If you have a 22-degree 7 wood, ensure that the hybrid club is at least 25 degrees.

Check Performance Using A Launch Monitor

If you are using the 7 wood and hybrid golf clubs to play, you will need to track your performance using a launch monitor because pacing off the yardages or using your own eyes may not be enough to distinguish the performance. A launch monitor will allow you to check the spin rate, launch, and center hit of each club in order to know which one is your ideal golf club.

Final Thoughts

Both the 7 wood and the hybrid golf clubs are considered beginner-friendly clubs. However, if you had to choose one, we recommend the hybrid golf club because it offers better loft and distance than the 7-wood club.